Well Tank Replacement

Well Tank Replacement

After years of use, well tanks often rust and leak. A well tank with a bad bladder can put an additional strain on your well pump, causing premature failure. Keep your well tank working properly.

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How does a well water system work?

Most well tanks operate with an air bladder that creates pressure as water is pumped in from the well. This pressure is utilized to move water through the pipes in the house. When the pressure reaches about 40-60 psi, the pump shuts off.Did you know well tanks come in different sizes? If your well tank is too small then your well pump will run more frequently. This puts an increased workload on your well pump and could lead to premature failure. Making sure your well tank is properly sized may not only prolong the life of your well pump, but can save you money as well.

How much does well tank replacement cost?

How much does well tank replacement cost?
It is tough to give an exact amount since well tanks come in many different sizes and styles. The cost of a well tank alone may be between $250-400. That doesn’t include installation or the additional components that often need to be replaced along with the well tank.

You can contact Koegel to get upfront pricing if you’d like to learn more.

How much pressure should be in a water tank?

There are a few different pressure settings. While in operation, the pressure is typically in the 40-60 psi range. The tank will trigger the pump at just a few psi below the lower bound of 40 psi.
This can vary based on your well and tank. A professional plumber near Alexandria MN can help you with the setup and installation. Contact us today with your projects and questions!

How to find sewer line under concrete slab

Sewer location and camera services can be used to help find sewer lines under a concrete slab. The sewer camera can be sent thru your sewer line and a technician can pick up on the location. This service is invaluable when having to cut into a concrete slab keeping the cutting to a minimum.
Regardless of the sewer project – get the help of a plumber near Alexandria MN. Contact Koegel and we’ll use our specialized camera to put an eye on the issue!

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