Gas Piping

Gas Piping

Working with gas piping is never a “do it yourself” project. If you need to repair, add or just move a gas line we can do it properly to ensure your safety. When the time comes to fix or replace a gas appliance in your home you could try and do it yourself. You can make the trips to the local hardware store to get all the right parts and tools. You can spend hours ensuring the gas is really off before you start, making sure everything is hooked up correctly and triple checking no leaks appear after the work is done. Yes, you could do that. But wouldn’t you rather call a trusted professional to work on your gas repair or installation projects?  Put your mind at ease and call Koegel Plumbing and Heating to take care of your gas piping needs.

How do you detect a gas leak?

Gas leaks can be caused by poor connections, improper or inadequate maintenance, or faulty appliances like a range, dryer or furnace. Gas can escape from the fitting located between your gas hose and the appliance.  One major sign of a gas leak is the smell. If you smell gas in your home the safest thing to do is leave and call your gas company. However, there can be a gas leak without the smell. Some signs of a gas leak include an orange or yellow flame instead of a crisp blue flame, a pilot light that always seems to blow out, the appearance of soot or scorched areas around the exterior of your appliance, or an excessive amount of condensation on the windows or a musty smell in the air.

What are the benefits of gas/gas piping?

Over the last few years the price of natural gas has become more affordable for homeowners.  But what other benefits does natural gas provide?  Cost savings is just the start.  Electricity is not as efficient as most homeowners believe. Professionals estimate that 70 percent of electricity is lost during transportation and generation.  This means electrical appliances are only 30 percent efficient.  Natural gas on the other hand only loses 10 percent between extraction and transportation making natural gas appliances 90 percent efficient. Most Minnesota residents have had to deal with a power outage at some point in their life. Natural gas appliances will continue to work even if the power goes out. Imagine losing power during the next blizzard and knowing your home will still be warm. Natural gas can also be used to power more than your range or hot water heater.  You can use gas to run your pool heater, dryer, fireplace and even your outdoor gas grill.

Put natural gas to work for you and your home today with the help of a plumber near Alexandria MN. Contact Koegel Plumbing and Heating today.