Gas Appliance Hook Up

Gas Appliance Hook Up

Minnesota summers mean fun in the sun, time in the lake and a great grilled meal. Have you ever been ready to fire up the grill and realized your gas tank was empty? Imagine what life would be like if you never had to fill the tank.  What if you could run more home appliances off of natural gas and reduce your monthly energy bill? Koegel Plumbing and Heating is your experienced installer of gas lines.

Do I need a professional for gas appliance hook up?

If you have an existing gas appliance and want to change it out for a newer model, you could do this process on your own. You will need to make sure you have the correct connectors and fittings for the type of appliance you are installing. You will also need to make sure there are no leaks or kinks in the connectors or lines after installation is complete. This process would probably take you about a day.  But wouldn’t you rather enjoy your day and leave the installation to the professionals? Why worry about a gas leak that could have a disastrous impact on your home or family? Give Koegel Plumbing and Heating a call.  We can hook up that new appliance up for you. We can even convert that old water heater from electric to natural gas. Calling a professional to hook up your gas appliances can save you time, and money and keep your mind at ease.

What kind of appliances can run off of natural gas?

When homeowners think of gas appliances they typically think of a hot water heater, clothes dryer or range.  Did you know that you can run natural gas to a pool heater, an outdoor yard light, gas fireplace and even your outdoor grill? Natural gas costs have declined in recent years making it more affordable to use throughout your home. If you are looking for a different energy source for your home appliances, give us a call today to discuss using natural gas.

Koegel Plumbing and Heating can get you hooked up with the right gas line to fuel all of your summer or winter fun.