Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps

Did you know if there is a power outage you can still keep your basement dry with a battery backup sump pump? We also install traditional sump pumps as well. Let’s discuss your options together.

How do sump pumps work?

Sump pumps are designed to move water using a pump system. They are generally located in a sump pump pit (15 to 30-gallon container made of plastic) that is buried below the finished floor in either a crawl space or basement. As rain or ground water enters the sump pump pit through a system of drainage pipes (perforated pipes that are buried around building’s foundation), a specially designed float system switches the sump pump on and off. The water is pumped out of the sump pump pit and away from the building through a discharge pipe. A sump pump should never discharge its water directly into a septic tank or sewer drain.

How are Sump Pumps powered?

Most are powered by 110-volt AC electricity (they are physically plugged into an outlet). Unfortunately, if there is a power outage during a storm, your electrically powered sump pump won’t work when you need it the most. One way to prevent this type of water damage is to install a sump pump with a battery backup system. Now if there is a power outage during a storm, your sump pump will still be able to keep your basement dry.

What is the difference between a Sump Pump and a Sewer Ejector Pump?

Sump pumps are designed to pump just water, whereas sewer ejector pumps are designed to move toilet waste water that includes solid debris.

How much do sump pumps cost?

There are many different manufacturers and types to consider. The cost of a sump pump alone can range from $100-$500. At the lower price point, you’ll find sump pumps made of plastic, at the higher price point cast iron is used. Not all sump pumps are designed to move the same amount of water at the same rate, so price can also be determined by the efficiency of the pump itself.
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