Shower Head is Dripping

If your shower head is dripping it can be more than just a nuisance.  Over time a tiny drip can waste a lot of water and money.

If want to know how much water is being wasted, go to and check out their drip calculator.  Did you know water with high levels of iron and minerals can actually stain your tub or shower?  Just one more good reason to stop that drip!

Figure Out Where the Drip is Coming From First

To stop your shower head from dripping, you first need to figure out where the drip is coming from.  If the water is on and the shower head is dripping at the base it may need to be tightened.  When tightening make sure to protect your shower head’s finish by placing a soft cloth between it and your adjustable wrench.  If the shower head is dripping when the water is off, you may need a new shower head or cartridge.

Repairing a Shower Head That Drips

Depending on the age of your shower valve and its manufacturer (Delta, Moen, Kohler) we may be able to replace the shower cartridge and solve the problem.  If however your shower valve is old and corroded, removing the shower cartridge may be impossible without damaging the shower valve itself.  In that case  installing a new shower valve may be the answer. These types of plumbing projects often require tools that you may not have.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help.

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