Sewer Location and Camera Service

Sewer Location and Camera Service

What is Sewer Location and Camera Service?

Sewer location and camera services provide many benefits to homeowners. Services can help  homeowners know exactly where sewer lines, septic tank and other sewer items are buried. Camera service allows the plumber to see exactly what is in and the condition of your sewer line. The camera helps to diagnosis issues (clogged line due to build up or roots or collapsed pipe.) It can also be used to help homeowners find lost item that have gone down the drain. Camera service can be used before remodeling your home to make sure the new bathroom or kitchen addition won’t impact your existing plumbing. If you are planning an addition to your building or a new shed on your property a sewer locate can insure the sewer line won’t be in the way of the new foundation walls.


How deep is my sewer line?

Sewer line depth can vary based on climate and soil composition. Sewer location and camera services can help homeowners determine the depth of their sewer lines. Sewer cameras are sent thru the pipe and a radio signal is omitted. The technician is able to pick up the radio signal and can then calculate the depth of the line.

How to find a sewer line underground

Sewer cameras can be used to help find a sewer line underground. The camera is sent thru the line and a radio wave is omitted. The technician can then find the radio wave and determine the exact location of the sewer line no matter where it is located on your property. No more blindly digging holes in your yard to find sewer lines.

How to find main sewer line clean out

Typically, the main sewer line clean out is located on the lateral sewer line; the sewer line that connects your home to the public or private sewer system. It is possible that there are several clean out locations along this line. You may find one near the home, near the property line or both. Sometimes you may find a clean out inside the basement of your home so it is easily accessible. It is worth noting that some homes may have several clean outs so it is important to look for and locate all possible options. Using a sewer location and camera service can help homeowners ensure they have located all clean outs on their property.

How to find sewer line under concrete slab

Sewer location and camera services can be used to help find sewer lines under a concrete slab. The sewer camera can be sent thru your sewer line and a technician can pick up on the location. This service is invaluable when having to cut into a concrete slab keeping the cutting to a minimum.
Regardless of the sewer project – get the help of a plumber near Alexandria MN. Contact Koegel and we’ll use our specialized camera to put an eye on the issue!

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