Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant Heating Systems

In-floor radiant heat or heating with hot water is a very efficient way to deliver heat to an area. We can diagnose and repair an existing system or design and install a new one. Give us a call.

What is a radiant heating system?

Infloor or Radiant Heating Systems supply heat via tubes located in the floor, wall or ceiling of a home. The tubes are heated using hot water from a gas, electric, wood or solar heat source. Once the floor, wall or ceiling is hot, the heat radiates off the surface and into the room using infrared radiation. This heats objects making the temperature even from floor to ceiling. If you have ever felt the heat from a hot stovetop element in your kitchen, this is radiant heat in action.

Is radiant floor heating more efficient?

A radiant heating system can be more efficient than forced-air heating systems for several reasons. First the water in a radiant heating system is heated and expelled into the room through small well insulated supply pipes. A forced-air system tends to lose heat through the ductwork making it less efficient than a radiant system. Second a radiant heating system that uses liquid to transport the heat (known as a hydronic radiant system) uses small pumps that use very little electricity making them very efficient.  Also- radiant heat can be set up and controlled on a per room basis. This means you can have one room warmer than the adjacent room giving the homeowner complete control of their comfort and heating efficiency. Finally radiant heating systems keeps the room temperature very even with no drafts.

What is the cost of radiant floor heating?

The cost of installing a radiant floor heating system will vary based on what installation method is selected and the size of the installation area.  Radiant floor heating can be installed via “wet” installation method; installing the tubes directly into a thick concrete foundation. Radiant floor heating can also be installed via a “dry” installation; tubes are run in a grid on the subfloor then flooring is installed over it or into an air space beneath the floor.

If you are looking to get the heat moving through your home, contact us today to about radiant heating systems.