Installing a Mini Split AC Heat Pump at a Lake Ida Cabin Provides Comfort and Efficiency

Installing a Mini Split AC Heat Pump at a Lake Ida Cabin Provides Comfort and Efficiency

When your on vacation, the last thing you want to do is put up with a noisy, inefficient air conditioning unit. Read on to learn how a Mini Split AC Heat Pump can provide quiet and efficient comfort all year round.

It’s finally Friday and you have managed to pack up everything and everyone before 2 pm. You hit the road and head north to the cabin for a weekend of rest and relaxation. As you go over your mental check list, you make it past Rogers, MN with relatively little traffic. It’s sure to be a great weekend. As you arrive it is 85 degrees and sunny outside, great for playing in the lake but stifling hot inside the cabin. For relief you turn on Ol’ Betsy, the old wall mounted AC unit.

The lights dim and she comes alive with a roar. After a few hours it is cool enough to turn off the old electric hog and let the ringing in your ears subside. After awhile it starts getting hot so you crank up Ol’ Betsy again and think to yourself: “There has got to be a better way?!”

The goal of this project was to provide quiet, energy efficient comfort. Sorry Betsy, there is a better way. Modern Mini Split AC Heat pumps provide comfort, cut energy bills and are whisper quiet. Pictured below is an installation done by Koegel Plumbing & Heating Solutions.

Project Overview

This project consisted of a suitcase sized Fujitsu outdoor compressor and two Fujitsu indoor units, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. The system heats and cools the cabin all year round and does it quieter than a librarian. As for utility savings, this system is more than two times as efficient as the old AC system and three times more efficient than the electric baseboard heaters. This system can be retrofitted to any home or business because no duct work is needed. Only two things were needed to complete the system, a 3 inch hole through the wall and a 220 volt circuit.

Services Provided