Hose Faucets

Hose Faucets

Getting that perfectly green lawn, vibrant flower bed or lush vegetable garden takes hard work. It also takes water and lots of it. Sometimes mother nature does not want to cooperate so homeowners have to water lawns, flower beds and gardens to keep things healthy. How many times do you find yourself talking under your breath at the hose?  Do you find yourself fighting the kink that won’t go away, the corner of the garage that blocks the last 3 inches you need or you just can’t reach that one spot in the back yard? If the answer is yes, do not go out and buy more hose. It might be time to add an additional hose faucet outside your home. Koegel Plumbing & Heating Solutions, LLC can help.

How much does it cost to install an outdoor water faucet?

The cost to install an outdoor water faucet can vary based on several factors.  Location of the new faucet can impact the price based on whether the new faucet is close to the water line or not. Cost can also vary based on the type of basement you have; crawlspace, unfinished or finished.  Crawlspaces and unfinished basements make adding an extra faucet simple because the water lines are already exposed and easy to work with. Finished basements may require the plumber to cut into a wall or ceiling to access the water line. Koegel Plumbing & Heating Solutions, LLC can tell you the best location for the new faucet; one that will be cost effective and productive for all watering projects.

What are the benefits of having an extra hose faucet?

No one likes to haul several feet of hose around their yard to water grass, plants or shrubs. Adding an extra hose faucet reduces the amount of hose hauling you have to do. An extra hose faucet also means you can do multiple projects at one time. Imagine putting your kids to work watering the garden while you enjoy your time washing your vehicle. Or setting up the slip and slide on a hot day for the kids to enjoy while you water the flowers.  The possibilities are endless.

Don’t get hosed trying to get all your watering projects done. Get the help of a plumber near Alexandria MN. Contact Koegel to add a new hose faucet.

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