Cabin Opening Service

Cabin Opening Service

Our cabin opening service will help you get ready this spring. Turning on the electric and water is just the first step. We can make sure everything is up and running correctly before your vacation even begins.

Why is it important to use a proper cabin opening service?

A professional can identify any problems that occurred over the winter and potential problems that may occur later. Also safety systems on the water heater, well, heater and air conditioner can be tested. A professional cabin opening service ensures you’ll be able to enjoy your summer in comfort and safety.

At what temperature can a cabin be opened for the summer?

Cabins can be opened once the night time temps stay above 40 to be safe. Any sustained periods below this point could pose a risk.

Why is it important to use a proper Cabin Opening Service Checklist?

-Install filters.
-Turn on water.
-Check for any leaks in piping.
-Open faucets to bleed out air.
-Fill water heater till all air is purged.
-Turn on the water heater.
-Turn on the space heater and test operation.
-Flush toilets and test operation.
-Plug in water softener, fill brine tank with water and salt

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