Cabin Closing Tips

Here in West Central Minnesota fall brings many time honored traditions: leaf raking, gassing up the snow blower and closing the cabin for the winter. Getting the plumbing system ready for the deep freeze is easy if done correctly and you’ll be sure to not have any surprises come spring.

These are pictures of what can happen if you don’t properly prepare your cabin for the winter. Yes, that’s ice coming from the toilet and shower and an exploded water softener. Needless to say, the entire bathroom needed to be replaced along with the water softener, all because the necessary care was not taken.

The basic idea is to not to allow water to freeze and burst the pipes or plumbing fixtures. This can be accomplished by draining, adding antifreeze or keeping warm.

Here are a few tips to get the cabin ready for winter in Alexandria, MN:

  • Turn off the main water source (well, lake pump or city water supply).
  • Open all faucets, tub valves, shower valves, flush toilets, hose faucets and leave open.
  • Disconnect garden hoses.
  • Turn off electric or turn off gas to water heater. Open drain valve and empty.
  • Disconnect and drain water line to ice maker.
  • If necessary use compressor to blow out all water from pipes.
  • Empty lift pump pits and sump pump pits and their piping.
  • Add nontoxic anti-freeze to lift pump pits, toilet, sink, tub, shower and floor drains.
  • Plug in heat taped pipes.

Here at Koegel Plumbing & Heating Solutions we have the knowledge and experience to protect your property from damage all year long. Call Kurt today at 320-766-6767.

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