Cabin Closing Service

Cabin Closing Service

Closing your cabin properly can mean preventing water damage repairs later. If you need help closing your cabin for the winter, let us help. That way you’ll have peace of mind next spring.

Why use a cabin closing service?

Minnesotans love their lakes. Those who have lake homes or cabins will spend every available hour enjoying what little summer Mother Nature bestows on us. To ensure your lake cabin or lake home lasts for years to come we recommend a proper cabin closing service. Properly closing your lake home will ensure that the cabin’s plumbing, heating and sewer systems are drained and winterized preventing any costly issues come spring. What does it mean to close a cabin or lake home for the season? Do you simply lock up the toys, pull in the dock and walk away? Cabin closing can be done by the homeowner, however we provide a professional cabin closing service to ensure your summer home will be ready for the harshest winter Minnesota has to offer.

What is included in the cabin closing service?

The first step is to shut off any and all water sources. This includes the main water source whether it comes from a well, lake pump or city water supply.  Any faucet, valve or toilet will need to be flushed and left open to prevent water from collecting within it and freezing. If you have a ice maker refrigerator and or dishwasher this too will be disconnected and drained to prevent damage from frozen water. Any water treatment equipment (water softener, reverse osmosis system or water filter) will be drained of water and made ready for freezing conditions. The water heater, whether electric or gas, needs to be turned off, drained and left empty. In most cases we will use an air compressor to blow air thru all water lines/pipes to ensure no water remains.

Additionally we won’t forget your septic, sewer and sump systems. Any lift pump pits or sump pump pits will be emptied. The corresponding piping for the pumps and pits will also be emptied. All lift pump pits, toilets, sinks, tubs, showers and floor drains will be given adequate nontoxic anti-freeze to ensure proper cold weather protection.

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