Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Not every dream home starts out that way. Turning a house into your dream home requires some work. That work could be a coat of paint, a new deck, new furniture, or an entirely new kitchen. If you are looking for a bathroom update to get your home to your ideal state, Koegel Plumbing & Heating Solutions can help. Our services cover a variety of bathroom projects; from a toilet replacement, new faucets, vanity replacement, tub to shower conversion or a full bathroom remodel.

Tub to Shower Conversions

Most homes in lakes country have a bathtub. They are an essential part of modern homes. Bathtubs offer enough space to get kids, pets or windows clean; just not all at the same time. Bathtubs can present a danger. Steep sides are hard to get in and out of. Bathtubs can also present a slipping or drowning hazard.

Many people think that changing out a tub for a shower stall will require a complete bathroom remodel. Complete remodeling projects take a lot of time and money. We are here to tell you there is an alternative. More plumbing and shower manufacturers have recognized that not every homeowner wants to demolish their entire bathroom just to remove their tub and put in a shower. Manufactures have started to offer an alternative; remodel systems.

Koegel Plumbing & Heating Solutions has experience with remodel systems. Remodel systems take the existing tub and convert it into a shower. Less mess and less time your bathroom is under construction. We can successfully change out a bathtub to a shower within a 2-day timeframe. Yes. Two days and there is no need to completely demolish the bathroom. We have extensive experience with all bathroom remodel projects; toilet replacement, vanity replacement, new shower or bathtub installation, or bathtub remodel.

If you are looking to give your bathroom a facelift, give us a call. We are more than happy to provide a free quote on any bathroom remodel project.